Decorating a Quinceanera Hall with $500


Decorating Party Halls in Houston TX on a Budget ($500 or less)


Quinceanera Hall Decoration in Houston TX


Is your daughter’s 15 coming up soon?  Are you worried that your decorations won’t be enough?  Step 1:  Relax and take a few deep breaths.  It will be ok!  We all know that decorating a quinceañera hall in Houston can be a difficult task, especially if most of your budget has been eaten up by things like 15 dresses, party hall rental costs, quinceanera photography, etc.  But don’t worry!  All you have to do is be creative.  And you have me here to help you with that!

Here are a few cost-effective ideas for decorating quinceañeras in Houston TX: 

  • Cover the ceiling with balloons.  If you are afraid that your decorations are not going to fill up the hall, you can rent a helium tank and buy balloons.  (You can rent helium tanks that will fill 450 balloons for $100-$150)  Then you and your friends can get together and blow them up 4-5 hours before the party!  Tie strings to the balloons to add texture and make the clean-up easier.  But before you do, be sure to ask the party hall people if it is ok to have free-floating balloons.




Quince hall decorations in Houston TX

  • Change the lighting.  I can’t stress how much of an influence lighting has on our moods!  Many quinceanera halls have dull, artificial lighting that can make it feel like you are in an old warehouse or something.  Spice things up.  Buy some colored bulbs (and some cheap standing lamps if you have to.  IKEA has lots of good, cheap lighting sources.)  Place the lamps in the 4 corners of the party hall and direct the light ¼ of the way up the walls.  This provides a nice, warm effect, especially if there are only two main colors to your daughter’s overall quince theme.


  • Hanging lights.  You can also use strings of paper lanterns (using different colored bulbs.  IKEA.)  String them from one end of the hall to the other.  Look online for examples of these.  You can make them or you can buy them.  It is time-consuming to make them though, but it is also a good way to spend an afternoon bonding with your daughter or your friends.  *An alternative is to use Christmas lights.


  • Flower Petals.  Visit a few local flower stores and ask the employees if you can have any extra/dead flower petals.  Some may sell them to you for super-cheap.  Some may give them to you for free!  Sprinkle them at the hall entrance.  Get creative here.  Make a red carpet of flower petals!    


  • Balloon arches.  These are another popular alternative.  You can try to do this yourself, but it is very time-consuming.  I would recommend having a professional balloon artist in Houston design yours.  These decorators usually charge between $150-$400 for their services, depending on what you want done.  They will make it feel like you are crossing over into a magical wonderland as you step into the quinceanera hall.


  • Candles.  If candles are allowed, this is another way to add an intimate feel to party halls in Houston.  Decorate each table with a votive candle (the Dollar Store can be your best friend here).  You can use different colored glass-vases (bought wholesale or at IKEA or Dollar Store) to control the coloring.  *But I don’t usually recommend using candles because they can be dangerous, especially if children are around.  They are ok if you only put them on the adult tables.  You can buy battery-powered votive candles.  These are much safer!


  • Table centerpieces.  You can do a lot of table decorations with household wares that you can take back home with you after the event.  Filling mason jars with popular candy/chocolates is a good idea.  Use at least 2 jars per table, especially for the kids.  Or you can have bowls of candy.  You can also put fresh flowers in some old bowls or vases and place those on the table too.  Table centerpieces should be unique.  You can do just about anything with these.  Just know who your guests are and what they like.  Use your creativity to create the atmosphere you envision.  This adds a great element of personalization to your decoration.  Overall, you just want the tables to feel festive and cozy at the same time.  Giving the kids something to play with or eat is a great way to make it fun for all ages.  Moms, think outside the box on this one.  Do something original.  Your guests will appreciate it!


Moms:  Your goal should be to make the quinceanera hall feel warm and comfortable.  Big Houston party halls can be hard to decorate, so be careful when renting your halls.  Accessorize and coordinate your colors.  Lighting is everything!  Brightly lit halls tend to cause people to feel like they are at work or in an institution.  If you can control the lighting of a hall, you can control the mood just like music can.  So get creative, girls!  Especially with centerpieces!  Get out there and find something that goes with your daughter’s theme!  There are a million ways to decorate a hall.  Find the one that works best for you and your budget!  Good luck!


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