Houston Quinceanera Gift Ideas



Houston Quinceanera Gift Ideas


Remember this isn’t just any birthday—it is her quinceanera! She’s leaving childhood behind on her way to adulthood and it is the most important birthday of her life.  What do you give the Quinceanera on this special day? 

Rather than stress over the perfect gift, why not let the quinceanera herself do the shopping?  In a city as big as Houston, gift cards can be the perfect gift.  That way she can go and pick out something that suits her new, more grown-up style.  Perhaps something like a new dress?  And gift cards are better than cash because they show a little more thought because you are choosing one of her favorite stores.  Cash cards are very cool nowadays.  With cash cards, it's like having a debit card so it also creates a sense of financial awareness and of being a grown-up.

Twenty dollars is an acceptable amount to give a quinceanera.  If you're giving a group gift, one person can collect cash from other givers and make it a card of higher value. Imagine the look on her face when she sees a $100 value on the card!  She will be at that store the very next day!  You can select a store where she can buy makeup (Ulta and Sephora are popular) or clothing.  Department stores such as Target are also great ideas because she can find almost anything here.  Music stores, book stores, and electronics stores are also good ideas.

To make your gift card even more thoughtful, personalize it with a special greeting card that has sincere thoughts and some quality life advice.  Some suggestions for personalizing your card are:


As you make the wonderful transition into womanhood...

Practice being a more positive woman each day.  Think only of the things you like about yourself.  And smile!  Life is too short to worry about the negatives!

or...Whenever you are unsure about what to do, have faith in yourself and follow your heart.  It will not lead you astray.

or ... Dream big!  Never be afraid to make mistakes, look silly, or feel rejected.  Life is about exploring, not being the same as everyone else.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  That’s where the fun is!  And, remember, as long as you have your family supporting you, everything will always be ok!

or ... When life is difficult, always remember the love and support that you have.  With love and support, you can get through anything.

or ... You have so many qualities and talents. Just because you are unable to do something now doesn’t mean that you have failed. There is always tomorrow!  Never be afraid to let others help you out.  Not only is this smart, but it is how you make friends for life.  And a friend for life is more valuable than anything else in the world.